Introducing revolutionary drill-less ledge mount.

We bring you the world-first solution for mounting anything almost anywhere.


Durability, absolute stability, load bearing capacity up to 160 kg per set – with multiple sets limited only by the ledge's strength. Product lifetime is over 30 years and its universal nature makes it ready for technologies that may yet emerge. Spacing of installation openings is almost unlimited, with adjustable direction.

About us

Field proven by experienced manufacturer in harsh conditions. In 2005 we have been awarded unique patent for foldable clothes rack with drill-less ledge mount. Our innovation center keeps looking for new industrial applications.


Wi-Fi, satellite and other antennas, window-mounted A/C, cameras and other security hardware, flower pots, solar panels, thermometers, lights installations, gutters’ drains, lightning rods’ grounding, contraptions of various shapes like clothes racks. We have yet to find limits...

5G antena

Example of 5G antenna's horizontal mount for mobile operators

Horizontal mount under the plastic window's sill without drilling into the drainage or the base profile.

Example of 5G antenna's vertical mount for mobile operators

Vertical mount under the plastic window's jamb without drilling into the base profile.

5G anténa
novei expedice návod


39.99€ VAT exclusive for set of 4 mounts. Applicable for minimal wholesale order of 240 and more sets.
Retail price 59.99€ VAT exclusive per set Part Number MG-010-5G 010; for 5G antenna.


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